• Www Allenhall3

    I’m really impressed with what i have read and seen. You are one of two that i know of, the other black female is Peggy Llewellyn and i would love to see come back. Keep up the good work and please b careful out thier. A new friend Allen Hall from Nashville Tn.

  • Pluntia

    Nicole – keep up the good work! You have the stats to back up your talent. Lots of spin out there about who is really breaking history. Looking forward to the 2013 NASCAR season !

    T.I. featuring Ceelo

    Just keep going and don’t look back
    And look forward from where you at
    There’s some jealousy in your rear view mirror
    Wave….hello, hello, hello
    Push the pedal to the max!
    Count that money in your lap
    There’s some jealousy in your review mirror wave hello!

  • Terry Foster

    Love you Nicole I would love to promote on other circuits. I own Therylbred Entertainment, Love to feature on my website http://www.therylbredentertainment.com where I give away cars in raffles.